Case Studies

Promotion | 29/05/2017 - 27/05/2019 | Birmingham Airport
Challenge Our business aim is to obtain up to date information of holidaymakers in order to collate a working database for our global resort network. The information is collected via a self-entry competition to win a family holiday. It is our first such campaign and, after assessing several UK Airports, we chose Birmingham due to the diversity in destinations, catchment area, ease of access and the ever increasing passenger numbers.
Solution A bespoke, purpose built stand at the heart of the departures lounge where passengers spend an average two hours dwell time. This means plenty of time for passengers to complete the competition and for us to interact and answer any questions they may have about our resorts.
Result From day one our investment started to bring in huge rewards far greater than we EVER thought possible. Birmingham Airport together with Perfect Fit Media have been instrumental in our success and, without their co-operation, none of the results that we are experiencing on a daily basis would be possible. Birmingham Airport as a return on our investment is by far the best compared to any type of marketing we have tried in the past for our business.